City of Lubbock issuing citations for overgrown weeds

Published: Jun. 16, 2021 at 5:14 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - After record rainfall last month, many parts of the city are overgrown with weeds.

The city has inspectors out surveying properties across Lubbock to find those in violation of the city ordinance. Stuart Walker, Code Administration Director for the City of Lubbock, said the weed ordinance cites anything over eight inches tall over a majority of the property is a violation.

“We issue a notice of violation that informs the property owner that they have seven days to take care of the issue,” Walker said. “After that seven days, the inspector goes out and reinspects. If the property has been mowed, it’s been completed, we close the case. If it hasn’t been, then we put it on a list for our contractors and we send out contractors to go mow those lots.”

Director Walker said there are about 1,700 cases on the docket right now; 200 of those must be mowed and it’s not just to control weeds.

“The main reason for the ordinance is to reduce the amount of habitat for vectors of disease; your flies, your insects that carry diseases, wildlife - things like that. That’s the main reason,” Walker said. “The other reason is, if this stuff doesn’t get mowed, if the vegetation doesn’t get mowed and it dries out, it becomes a fire hazard. So, it’s a health and safety issue for all the citizens inside the city limits.”

Walker said the City Of Lubbock relies on private property owners to help them keep certain roadways and medians mowed within the city limits.

“TxDOT has their own program, so they maintain the Interstate in the Loop, a few other places inside the city limits,” Walker said.

Walker said the City of Lubbock works with each of its departments to make sure each property is mowed and taken care of, but the city needs weed contractors to help mow properties.

Anyone needing to file a complaint or get an extension on their violation notice can contact 311 or call 806-775-3000 or use the My Lubbock App.

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