Strangers to inseparable: Coworkers undergoing kidney transplant

Updated: Jun. 17, 2021 at 8:10 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Two years ago, Lauren Casares and Sam Revilla were strangers. Now, they’re preparing for a kidney transplant.

Both work at the UMC KingsPark Urgent Care Center. Lauren is a medical assistant and Sam is an X-Ray technician. Lauren’s been talking with Sam about giving her one of her kidneys since March, but when she found out they were a match, she surprised her with the official news. The two best friends say they’re inseparable.

“We get in trouble, we’re always together, loud. If they can’t find one of us they know we’re with each other,” Lauren said.

But, it wasn’t always that way.

“I think we were both pretty closed off to friendship, like we just didn’t want to be friends,” Lauren said.

“At first I, because I’m shy and quiet, I wasn’t trying to talk to anybody when I first got here. Lauren was adamant about making me feel included in the group and being very helpful with me, so,” Sam said.

Sam has known for five years that she has kidney problems. When she was diagnosed with COVID-19 last year, her situation intensified. In March, she was told to prepare to for dialysis or a transplant.

“Since I first met Lauren and she knew that I had bad kidneys, she was like ‘I’m gonna give you my kidney.’ We kind of laughed about it back then, but now it’s, it’s always been like it’s supposed to happen this way,” Sam said.

The two created a TikTok account - - to share their journey.

The two go to the movies, go fishing and see each other every day. On July 9, they’ll head into the hospital together for surgery. After that, inseparable will take on a whole new meaning.

“I think God put us in each other’s lives for a reason and we went down the path together and it’s just led us here. It’s definitely all been a God thing,” Lauren said.

Lauren did her research and registered to become a donor on Donate Life America’s website. According to the site, more than 100,000 people are waiting for a lifesaving transplant. She’s encouraging people to follow in her footsteps and consider becoming a living donor.

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