Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease arriving early this year

Published: Jun. 24, 2021 at 9:08 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - We learned from the pandemic that isolating ourselves socially and wearing masks in public was a good way to cut down on the spread of viruses. Now that life is returning to normal, some of the bugs we didn’t see as much last year are making a comeback sooner than before.

“It causes rash on the hands, it causes some findings, little ulcers in the throat, and the same little things on the feet.” That’s how Dr. Richard Lampe explains what you see when a child has Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease, a very common virus in small children. He says, “We see it every summer and fall and we’re seeing it a little earlier this summer. It may have something to do with the Covid pandemic.”

Dr Lampe is not only a Pediatrician but he is also an Infectious Disease Specialist at Texas Tech Physicians.

He says now that the pandemic is fading and kids are back in day care, Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease is spreading more easily by direct contact or from a sneeze or a diaper change.

If this is any comfort to parents, at least it is typically more uncomfortable than dangerous. Dr. Lampe explains, “So it always looks worse to parents and we understand that. Every disease can be dangerous, but this one is self-limited 99 point X percent of the time.” Bottom line, it’s a virus and can not be treated with antibiotics. But, he says, the best thing parents can do is monitor the illness and possible fever, making sure the child is well hydrated.

You can hear more from Dr. Richard Lampe in the video on this page.

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