Lubbock ties, music featured in ‘Destination Marfa’ movie

Published: Jul. 2, 2021 at 4:05 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - A new movie hitting the silver screens has a few West Texas ties, it’s called “Destination Marfa.’

According to, ‘Destination Marfa’ follows four lifelong friends who decide to veer off the road and venture into a small West Texas town known as Marfa, where they encounter mysterious lights as the line between reality and fantasy becomes increasingly blurred. It stars Tony Todd and Stelio Savante.

The movie shares some West Texas sounds and music on the silver screen.

‘Destination Marfa’ was written and directed by Andy Stapp, a Lockney native who reached out to Lubbock musician Dustin Garrett for help.

“(He) had an idea for a movie called destination Marfa, and was needing some help with the music score,” said Garrett. “I went on to assist with the score and just at that same time, bring in some local Lubbock music to the film.”

Garrett asked other Lubbock musicians to be a part of the project including Lindsay & Will Boreing and Hannah Jackson.

“He called and said, ‘Hey, I’m scoring. I’m helping score in this movie and there’s this scene- It’s kind of creepy,’” said Lindsay, “and he knows that I have my first album was a very creepy album. It’s called the cautionary tale. And it’s like, kind of spooky cabaret. And it definitely fits for the scene and so I was like, yeah, put me in there.”

“I was really excited whenever Dustin gave me a call,” said Will, “it’s always fun to be a part of anything that’s artistic, especially anything that’s local and artistic.” Will is a co-writer on another song featured in the movie.

Garrett And Hannah Jackson recorded a song called ‘The World Is Crashing Down’ that is featured in the closing credits of the movie.

Garrett hopes that the movie will help spotlight musicians and music made right here in the Hub City.

“One thing that I hope comes from this is, when they hear this music that’s a part of this--this is original music. That’s birthed right here in Lubbock,” said Garrett.

‘Destination Marfa’ will be released in Lubbock at Premiere Cinemas on July 20th and will also be streamed online.

You can find more information on the movie, click here and " target="_blank">here.

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