DPS reminds drivers of roadside safety

Published: Jul. 19, 2021 at 9:50 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - DPS wants to remind drivers to be cautious when handling roadside emergencies and courteous when you see others doing it. Sergeant Johnny Bures says if you have a blowout, turn your hazard lights on and pull onto the right shoulder, giving yourself plenty of room away from traffic.

“This stretch of roadway right here between the fog line and the edge of pavement is going to be your improved shoulder. This is really what you want to try to utilize if you have any kind of emergency or you need to stop,” Sergeant Bures said.

Getting away from traffic could mean driving slowly with your hazards on until you get to a nearby exit or parking lot.

“I know people a lot of times are afraid to tear up wheels and tires even more so. But, those can be replaced,” Sergeant Bures said.

If you’re in the middle of nowhere or there’s not a wide shoulder, Sergeant Bures says to position yourself where you can still see traffic. A passenger can stand a safe distance away from the road to warn you when cars are coming. Bures has a message for those driving by, slow down and move over.

“If you see you’re coming up on someone and they are stalled or stopped on the side of the road, you know, always be kind of cautious when you’re passing them. Because someone might be opening the door out into traffic to step out. So, always be ready for that and watch for those folks around the vehicles,” Sergeant Bures said.

If you’re traveling through Texas, there’s a number on the back of your driver’s license for roadside assistance. Bures says it’s not a free tow or gas, but could help keep you safe.

“You call that number and it goes to our DPS communications, they’re able to assist with either sending you a trooper or a close law enforcement agency that’d be able to help provide you with emergency lights, where we can help get that tire changed out,” Sergeant Bures said.

Before school starts, Sergeant Bures says families will be hitting the road for vacation. His advice, check your tires, fluids, make sure your spare is aired up and you know how to get it down before you go.

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