Community Coverage Tour: Have you seen him? Muleshoe’s Old Pete, that is

Published: Jul. 21, 2021 at 8:38 AM CDT
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MULESHOE, Texas (KCBD) - In Muleshoe you can find Old Pete. He is the Muleshoe statue near the Chamber of Commerce building.

You may have seen as you passed by or even posed for a picture with him.

“You’d be amazed at how many people driving through town, stop and take a picture with the mule,” Alice Liles, Muleshoe resident and blogger for The Bright Lights of Muleshoe.

Years ago Liles authored a book, also called The Bright Lights of Muleshoe, which goes over the history of the town. Some chronicle a few stories Old Pete has.

That includes his appearance at George W. Bush’s inauguration.

“I understand that there was some concern by some of the Republicans – this mule, which they all took for a donkey of course, they didn’t know the difference,” Liles said.

Old Pete’s other trips were not as far.

“Back in the day, he took lots of trips around town and wound up on top of the St. Clair building and at the school, I think in various people’s yards,” Liles said. “I’m sure there’s stories about Old Pete’s adventures that I don’t know.”

Those are stories she takes joy in finding out and sharing.

“It’s the teacher in me,” Liles said. “It’s important that kids and people know these kinds of things.”

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