‘Heart of Frenship’ cheer squad captures hearts in the community

Published: Jul. 23, 2021 at 7:13 PM CDT
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WOLFFORTH, Texas (KCBD) - Wolfforth is now home to a team that’s been bringing its A-game since last year. But it has already won over the hearts of this community. This team is proving anything is possible with the right spirit.

The new squad, called the Heart of Frenship, is cheering on the inclusivity of the Frenship Tigers.

“Our students carry everybody and include everybody and it’s a really neat atmosphere to be around,” says Heart of Frenship Coach Kayci Smith.

Coach Smith says in her 12 years of coaching, nothing’s felt quite like their first-ever pep rally.

“The minute we introduced the Heart of Frenship there were tears, there was screaming that I’ve never heard before...There wasn’t anybody who wasn’t standing up and supporting these girls. Especially the football team. And so, I think that that just showed exactly why we needed this cheer team. Exactly,” Smith said.

Frenship Junior Shae Jones may be shy in front of the KCBD cameras, but she certainly isn’t in front of a crowd.

“I like to cheer for the parents, make my mom proud,” Jones said.

Her mom Jennifer Loper says, “She’s the heart and soul of our family.”

Loper says the team inspired her to find confidence and acceptance.

“As a mother of a child with special needs you have all these fears in your head of, they’re not going to be included, they’re going to be made fun of... But that’s definitely not the case here.”

Showing what really matters is what is in your heart.

“Not only is it good for her, it’s good for the other students as well...they can see that she’s more like then she’s different and that’s what’s so wonderful about this,” said Loper.

Coach Smith says, “They could be having the worst day ever but still make sure that your day is going well. I just love that about them and I love that about the heart of Frenship.”

This year they’re hoping to make it to more games to spread the positivity.

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