A Work of Prayer in Wolfforth

Published: Jul. 23, 2021 at 9:21 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Did you know there is a convent in Wolfforth?

And it means that 40 acres of precious land in Wolfforth will never be developed for anything other than the work of prayer.

Where a dirt road ends, new life begins. At a remote corner in Wolfforth behind a shield of pine trees, a convent was planted 20 years ago. Sister Caroline says, “There was nothing out here. Okay. Nothing. No trees, no grass, no anything.” But now, as Wolfforth grows, more people are learning about them. She says, “When I’ve been to the gas station in Wolfforth, they say oh, you’re one of the sisters that live out there.” Some neighbors are kind enough to mow their pasture but it’s the sisters who maintain these beautiful gardens and a massive house with winding halls that lead to 11 bedrooms and a library for study and meeting rooms.

Sister Sharon says, “Many of our sisters have to go into other places. So it’s when we have meetings and stuff and gathering, this is the mother house, this is where we congregate.”

The most treasured room in the house is a beautiful chapel where the 9 sisters who live here devote at least an hour of prayer every day. And they invite others who want to pray also. Sister Charlotte says, “So we are able to help them in a spiritual way to be closer to the Lord.” Sister Martha Jane adds with a smile, “Basically the purpose of any religious sister, is to point to the fact that this world is not the end. This is not it. The next life is it.”

They are the Sisters of Saint Francis and they want people to know they are not hiding out here. They want to help others. And they are not to be feared, but befriended.

Sister Caroline explains it well. She says, “We would want to be known as people who are open armed, open hearted and free in the way that we welcome others to come. and that when we don’t. I’m not a threat to anybody. You know, we want peace and we want to give whatever we can give to the community.”

What a blessing to have them in Wolfforth.

You can find the St. Francis Mission Sisters at the corner of CR 1440 and 7700.

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