New Lubbock County Elections Administrator takes helm of office after 16 years as Chief Deputy

Published: Jul. 26, 2021 at 5:25 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Lubbock County will have its first elections in November under the leadership of a new administrator. However, Roxzine Stinson will be very familiar with the procedures of the Lubbock County Elections Office.

“I love being here,” Stinson said. “I love what goes on, the day-to-day activities of this department. I just knew I could do the job so I asked for it.”

When Dorothy Kennedy announced her resignation in early June the Lubbock County Elections Commission met June 11 to accept the resignation and also appointed Stinson to the position.

Stinson told KCBD she joined the elections office in 2003 and served as Chief Deputy Administrator since 2005.

“I hope I can live up to Dorothy,” Stinson said. “I truly do and I plan on doing it.”

During the past nearly two decades, Kennedy and Stinson took the Lubbock County Elections Office to a place of leadership in Texas and beyond. Among other initiatives, it was the first in the state to operate under the vote center model, meaning voters could vote at any location.

“People would contact us to see what we did, who we worked with to be able to get started,” Stinson said. “Then people from other states would talk with us because people have heard about it. We still strive to, if people call and ask, we’re still here to answer questions.”

Stinson hopes to continue to be a role model and maintain the integrity of Lubbock County elections, especially at a time of scrutiny in the voting process.

“We’ll continue as we have been,” Stinson said. “Any changes that come through legislation, we’ll make sure that we follow those and make sure they work the way they’re supposed to and still ensure confidence with the voters and the party chairs and the election commission as a whole.”

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