SWE Fury hosts Kids Camp in Lubbock

Published: Jul. 25, 2021 at 9:51 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - After growing up around professional wrestling, Lacey Von Erich wanted to create an opportunity for children to experience what she did, as the daughter of the famous Kerry Von Erich.

“I’ve always been in the wrestling business my whole life,” she said. “So, I grew up backstage actually and getting to see the ring set up, getting to play in it, but no other kid did.”

Lacey grew up to be a third-generation professional wrestler and carrying on the name of the Von Erich Family. And after recently purchasing SWE Fury, and becoming a co-owner with Tom Lance, she was able to achieve another one of her dreams. Alongside her good friend and business partner, Winter Draghici Von Erich launched the SWE Fury Kids Camp.

“We will go around to every city prior to our big events, and we will reach out to like a local wrestling organization or a local kid’s association and we will go with them,” said SWE Fury World Heavyweight champion, Charlie Haas. “Unite with them and what we will do is introduce the kids to what it takes to be a professional wrestler.”

The day started for the kids at about 10 a.m. in Resultz Wrestling Academy, in Lubbock to get tips from some of the top wrestlers in the world like Haas to form their wrestling persona.

Von Erich said, “They get to see backstage, to learn how to wrestle, they get to learn how to be a showman and public speaking. And so, they are going to be able to go backstage, come out, go around the ring and have their own section so that they can have really amazing memories. And so, I’m really excited about.”

While at the wrestling academy the children bounced around from station to station, getting their face painted, making signs, trying on different costumes, and practicing some wrestling moves geared toward honing in on character development.

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Haas said, “Just to see the fan turn out and then to see the kids partake and then you know see them come out of their shell and into the character they want to be and what they want to transform into. Someone that’s really shy and then all of a sudden they build that self-esteem and that credibility and now they’re like their own person of who they want to be and that’s what’s so great about this.”

After completing their initial training, the group then headed to the Prima Vista Event Center around noon to see the ring, attend a meet and greet with some of their favorite professional wrestlers like the Boogie Man and Teddy Long, and practice their walk down to the ring.

“What we’re doing here is building our next generation of wrestlers,” Von Erich said. “And our next generation of fans and I mean who would be fans of anything else if SWE Fury gave you your start right?”

A couple hours later, it was show time in the event center and the kids had the opportunity to kick-off the show and make their official entrance down the ramp with Von Erich.

Haas said, “It’s a way for us to give back to the community. Show the community what SWE is all about, not only that but it’s also for the kids to really enjoy it.”

Von Erich said she hopes to one day grow the program big enough to establish sports entertainment wrestling academies for kids across the country.

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