Spotty thunderstorm rains

Published: Jul. 27, 2021 at 6:28 AM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Yesterday provided a great example of how thunderstorm rains can vary greatly over very short distances. See the Great Example section later in this post. The pattern today and tomorrow supports additional thunderstorms. However, coverage will be spotty. Like yesterday.

Lightning can strike about 15 miles from its parent thunderstorm. If you can hear thunder lightning is near enough to strike your location. Move inside a house, building, or vehicle.

Like yesterday, spotty storms are likely this afternoon and early this evening. A few of these may produce heavy rain, strong wind gusts, small hail, and frequent lightning. While storms are possible anywhere in the viewing area activity is most likely over eastern areas. In particular, near and east of the Caprock.

Like yesterday, outside of storm and shower activity it will be partly cloudy, winds will be light, and it will be hot. Highs will be near to a bit above yesterday’s, ranging from the low 90s in the northwest to near 100 degrees in the southeast.

Like today, tomorrow spotty storms/showers are likely in the afternoon and evening. Your rain chance will be low. Otherwise Wednesday will be partly cloudy, winds light, and it will be hot. In general, temperatures will peak a little lower than today. Highs will range from near 90 in the northwest to the upper 90s in the southeast.

Storm and rain chances will be very low, but above zero, Thursday through the weekend. Check out the rain chances and the low and high temperatures in my 10-Day Forecast here on our Weather Page (after finishing this story, close it and scroll a bit down the page).

Outdoor plans?

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Great Example

Yesterday’s storms in the Lubbock area provided a great example of how convective (thunderstorm) rains can vary greatly over very short distances. It can rain on one side of a street while the sun is shining on the other. I’ve experienced it more than once.

The Lubbock airport yesterday recorded just a trace of rain. That fell, however, in the morning. While thunder was reported, no rain was during the afternoon. Zero. Zip. Nada.

Over an inch of rain was estimated to have fallen over southern sections of Lubbock in the afternoon.

In the list that follows you can see how varied were the totals in Lubbock Monday.

0.89 Lubbock 105th & Indiana

0.65 Lubbock 105th & Memphis

0.55 Morton

0.52 Tatum

0.37 Muleshoe

0.25 Earth

0.15 Lubbock Southeast (near 50th and MLK)

0.12 Amherst

0.08 Silverton

0.06 Denver City

0.06 Seagraves

0.02 South Plains 3ENE

0.01 Childress

0.01 Hobbs

0.01 Memphis

0.01 Olton

Source: National Weather Service Lubbock, TTU West Texas Mesonet, and viewers like you.

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