City of Lubbock asking for public feedback on downtown parking

Published: Aug. 25, 2021 at 5:33 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - The City of Lubbock is asking for your help with downtown parking plans. The city released an online survey on Wednesday to get feedback on their master parking plan.

The City’s Director of Business Development, Brianna Gerardi, says getting community input is the first step.

“It’s really just our first opportunity to get a base level understanding of how the community feels about parking in downtown.”

Feedback in the downtown parking survey will be used to guide the city with the rest of the master parking plan. Gerardi says public input on all areas of parking, including two-hour time limits, is needed.

“Is two hours the right amount of time, is it not? How does that get enforced? Should we have paid parking? Should we not have paid parking? All of those types of questions are things that we look at in a parking management strategy.”

One of the initial recommendations out of the downtown master plan was to take all one-way streets and convert them back to their original form of two-way. The city began these alterations earlier this year, along with a change in parking organization.

“We’ve taken Avenue K, Avenue L, and Avenue M from one-way back to two way, and when we did that we also converted all of the angled parking on those corridors back to parallel.”

Gerardi says these changes will help with congestion and visibility. Along with this, a new parking garage next to Citizen’s Tower will make visiting downtown that much easier.

“That’s a really exciting project for the city but for the community as well because it will be available for free parking for downtown visitors whenever the city employees are not using it.”

You can give the city your feedback through the downtown parking survey located on the city’s website, or at

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