Lubbock Couple’s Only Child Suffers Covid Crisis

Published: Sep. 15, 2021 at 10:42 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - We were there when Zeke Arredondo, a recent high school graduate, went back to UMC’s Pediatric Intensive Care to see where he scared so many, suffering from an illness that was new to the world.

Dr. Tiva Kasemsri, a Pediatric Critical Care Intensivist, says it took a large team of doctors and nurses to prepare for this, since they suspected Mis-C would be diagnosed in the unit eventually.

Zeke was the first.

Dr. Tiva, as he is called, told me, “Multi-Inflammatory Syndrome affects all organs. We now know that from the brain on down, heart, lungs, kidneys liver, GI tract. He had it all really. His heart was probably the most severe.”

Zeke’s parents were understandably horrified and confused. Rachelle Arredondo says, “Dr. Tiva came in and told us what it was. And they confirmed that it was actually Mis-c.”

Mis-C, due to covid, is a disease that was not even discovered until April of 2020.

Four months later, it knocked down Zeke, a healthy 17 year old. Rachelle says, “I couldn’t even fathom everything they were telling me. It’s just, tears were rolling because I had no words. I was just like ok, ok.”

Zeke’s fever also spiked to 105.4.

Dr. Tiva says it was just one more challenge to save him since they worry about brain damage when a fever reaches 106, not to mention Zeke was in respiratory failure.

But Rachelle says she was always impressed with the care at UMC’s children’s hospital, even at the scariest times. She says, “His blood pressure dropped in the blink of an eye. And before I could get to the button, They were bombarding the door. They were running in. I mean they were just trying to save him.”

Fabian Arredondo, Zeke’s father, was at a loss because due to covid protocols, only one parent was allowed in the room at a time. Fabian treasured those moments when it was his turn. Otherwise, he slept in his car in the hospital parking lot to be as close as he could during those difficult days. He also told me he is thankful to all the people who came to the parking lot to pray with him that their only child would recover.

Zeke recovered.

This is one of the miracle stories in our 38th annual Children’s Miracle Network broadcast.

Much of the equipment used to keep Zeke alive was purchased by CMN dollars through the years.

As always, every dollar raised stays here to buy equipment or provide special services for the children at UMC Children’s hospital.

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The number to call is (806) 747-Kids.

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