Musical medicine: Man recovering from COVID uses saxophone to heal his lungs and spirit

Published: Sep. 16, 2021 at 7:54 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - A man recovering from a COVID-19 related pneumonia is using his saxophone to heal his lungs and lift his spirit after ten days of quarantine.

Texas Tech Goin’ Band alumnus Adarryl Jordan said the hardest part of his recovery has been the isolation, but his doctor suggested he return to his instrument, instead of breathing devices.

“You know, not just the idea of the lungs and the oxygen, and all that stuff that everybody probably thinks they think they know about COVID. But more just to the brains, the emotion, the mental,” Jordan said.

Playing his music has not only helped his health, but reminded him to embrace the things that can’t be taken from us, especially during hard times.

“I’m an extrovert thinking I got to get out that door. But then doors have been taken away from me, but then I think, look, I got a saxophone. I’m a Christian. It’s gonna be all right,” Jordan said.

Unfortunately, Jordan was looking forward to marching alongside his son, who is a first year drummer with the Goin’ Band Alumni this weekend.

“For years, my little boy has been watching me march, getting a little bit of my glory years, you know, because of this one weekend, per year. So this is the first year the first time that we were supposed to do it together. didn’t quite work out,” Jordan said.

Fortunately, Jones said, there is always next year and this year he has his health and a rekindled love for his instrument.

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