Congratulations to the winner of Lubbock’s Worst Tree contest!

Published: Oct. 3, 2021 at 10:03 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - After hundreds of photos we finally found it, the winner of our Lubbock’s Worst Tree contest.

Congrats to our Grand Prize Winner, Cale Bloskas, and to all our other winners over the last seven weeks!

Week 1 – Becky Paxton

Week 2 – Kimberly Garza

Week 3 - Tyler Mattox

Week 4 - Lillie Polando

Week 5 - Cale Bloskas - GRAND PRIZE WINNER

Week 6 – Mike Woodruff

Week 7 – Linda Henegar

Click here to see full details and all our previous winners!

Although he hasn’t lived in his house very long, Cale Bloskas is this year’s overall winner of Lubbock’s Worst Tree. Along with a $50 gift card from P.K. Construction, Bloskas gets to see the eyesore go bye-bye, courtesy of Sam and Company Landscaping.

While every other part of his yard has been made over, this final step was a long time coming.

“We moved into the neighborhood back in November. We put a lot of time into the grass and trimming things up, trimming hedges and all that, so I think once we get the tree taken care of, just continue to keep up with the landscaping. I’ve already talked to Sam a couple times about a couple different projects I might have him come back out and do for us as well,” Cale Bloskas, overall winner of Lubbock’s Worst Tree, said.

Sam Foncham is the owner of Sam & Company Landscaping:

“Well, it may not be the ugliest tree, but it’s an ugly tree. I’ve seen uglier ones than that, but it needs to come out. It really doesn’t match with him. Look at this. this stuff, is so beautiful, but look at the tree. It’s so ugly. It doesn’t match. it doesn’t reflect his personality,” Sam said.

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