Local pup is winner of worldwide Walkin’ Pets 2022 calendar for handicapped animals

Kardi the paralyzed french bulldog will be featured in the calendar, after making it through three rounds of public voting.
Published: Oct. 4, 2021 at 5:45 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Meet Kardi, the paralyzed French bulldog.

At just four years old, she lost the ability to move her legs due to IVDD, a degenerative disease which affected her spine. It was then, in 2015, when owner Kelsey Rowden learned of her paralysis, that she decided to make Kardi a therapy dog.

“I had always been thinking about it, and then when she went paralyzed in fifteen, it was in the end of fifteen that I finally decided, you know what, I am going to do this. I want her to show people that it is okay to be different and it doesn’t affect your quality of life, it doesn’t affect anything you do, you just do it a little bit different.”

Through this decision, Kardi has helped hundreds of people within our community, travelling around West Texas spreading her joy.

“We’ve been to some kids cancer camps, and have gone to elementary schools, and pretty much nursing homes, hospitals, rehab centers. We have been to a lot of different places but she does the best with the altzheimers patients.”

In 2020, Kardi officially retired as a therapy dog after being diagnosed with bladder cancer. The vet told Kelsey, Kardi had around three to six months left. That was eighteen months ago, today. Kelsey says she, and the vets, are shocked, but thankful Kardi is still around.

“She had more life to live and more people to touch and things to do in life. Here she is, eleven and a half years old. With all her medical issues along the way, we sure did not expect her to ever make it this far but we are so blessed that she did.

Be on the look out for the Walkin’ Pets 2022 calendar where Kardi is featured. Kelsey says they usually start selling in November.

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