TxDOT “Drive Sober, No Regrets” exhibit on Texas Tech campus

Aimed at educating students and football fans of the real-life dangers of impaired driving in midst of football season, and encourage sober driving
Published: Oct. 19, 2021 at 8:32 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Tuesday, TxDOT’s traveling impaired-driving exhibit was on Texas Tech’s campus, showing students the dangers and consequences of impaired driving. This is part of their “Drive Sober, No Regrets” campaign, encouraging students and football fans to celebrate responsibly.

Students who stopped by the exhibit on campus today were put through a DUI simulation. With the “drunk goggles” on, students had to drive a fake car and spin the wheel of consequences. Staff working the exhibit say they hope this warns students, especially during football season, about the very real dangers of impaired driving.

“We’re encouraging them to plan ahead, not drink and drive, and make sure they have a designated driver,” says TxDOT’s Karen Mitchell.

She says many students don’t realize the physical, emotional, and financial consequences of driving under the influence. “It can cost up to $17,000 in expenses with all of the court costs, it does hurt their credibility, they may not even be able to get a job.”

More than costs, Mitchell says impaired driving can have physical repercussions. If they crash, victims could face paralysis, brain damage, or even death, along with the risk of hurting someone else.

“We’re hoping that our education efforts will at least get people thinking about planning ahead and not drinking and driving to ensure their safety and other motorists.”

In the midst of football season, TxDOT insists it is even more important to celebrate responsibly.

“We want you to be able to celebrate your win and not a loss by getting a DUI out on our Texas roadways,” says Mitchell.

Karen Mitchell says you know when you are going to be celebrating, so if you are, and plan on drinking, plan for your ride home. “As you are planning that outfit that you are going to wear, go ahead and plan ‘who is going to be my designated driver?’. Make sure it is someone that is not going to consume alcohol and someone that you can trust.”

This upcoming weekend is a home game and TxDOT wants to encourage Tech football fans to drive sober and plan ahead. If you plan on drinking, use a designated driver or call an Uber ride. It is not worth the risk.

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