LP&L responding to streetlight outages after private contractors cut feeds

Published: Nov. 23, 2021 at 10:26 PM CST
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - LP&L is seeing more reports for streetlight outages in neighborhoods across town. Spokesman Matt Rose says this happens every year when the time changes, as more people are driving home in the dark and noticing lights that may have been out for weeks. Contributing to the increase, Rose says some private contractors outside of LP&L have cut feeds that power street lights while digging in the alley. In one area in South Lubbock, he says they cut feeds at 10 different locations.

“You know, we’ve notified them, and hopefully, you know, in the work that they’re performing they’ll be cognizant of it so we don’t have this issue,” Rose said.

South Lubbock resident Bill Locke reached out to KCBD, concerned about a streetlight out in his neighborhood near 90th St. and Joliet Ave. According to LP&L, he reported a streetlight outage on October 20. After crews fixed the light, Rose says private contractors cut the feed, prompting a second report from Locke on November 6.

“This block without a streetlight, it turns into a pretty dangerous place. I was like, look I really don’t care whose problem it is, it’s just got to get fixed,” Locke said.

Rose says LP&L knows that there is a public safety issue, as well as a convenience issue when a streetlight goes out. Whether it’s contractors, weather, or bulbs going out, Rose says to report any outages you see. He says the best way is to call 311 with a relative location of the light or email It’ll automatically generate a work order ticket for crews to go out and investigate.

“We want to know when they’re out, but we also want to work with folks that are operating in those rights of ways to make sure that we don’t have to duplicate this process, and that ultimately the customer does not bear the burden of having a street that’s dark because the lights went out,” Rose said.

Rose says if you report an outage, you should see crews investigating within two to three days. If not, he says to call the customer service line for LP&L - (806) 775-2509.

As streetlights go out, Rose says they’ll be replaced with LED bulbs that last longer and are more efficient.

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