Students can now seamlessly transfer hours between TTU and LCU

Published: Dec. 15, 2021 at 1:16 PM CST
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Students at Texas Tech University and Lubbock Christian University will be able to transfer hours between the two universities seamlessly now that an articulation agreement has been signed.

On Wednesday, LCU President Scott McDowell and TTU President Lawrence Schovanec signed the document at LCU during a ceremony.

An articulation agreement is a formal partnership between two or more institutions of higher education generally focused on providing a seamless transfer for students. Both universities use the articulation agreement to promote the ease of transferability to attract students to both institutions.

“This agreement provides a unique opportunity for students to simultaneously earn degrees from two universities in the same city,” Texas Tech President Lawrence Schovanec said. “Not only will this partnership benefit both Texas Tech and LCU, more importantly, it offers students additional options toward achieving their academic and career goals.”

There has been an articulation agreement between the LCU College of Professional Studies and the TTU College of Engineering since 2015 for students to receive degrees from both universities upon successful completion of the agreed-upon courses. New articulation agreements that are developed between the two universities will have different details specialized to each degree and varying benefits for the student.

This new, overarching agreement between TTU and LCU now paves the way for numerous, specific arrangements between the various colleges, schools, and programs of both universities for a variety of degrees. Each of the universities will be able to market this agreement to help recruit students to Lubbock for a shared university experience.

“The LCU academic community is excited to strengthen our partnership with TTU,” said LCU President Scott McDowell. “This collaboration has the potential to expand the academic pursuits of our students by allowing them to achieve an undergraduate degree from LCU and TTU simultaneously. We have already seen the benefits of this cooperative approach with our mathematics students prepping for engineering at Tech, and we are excited about broadening these opportunities to a variety of disciplines.”

Plans are already underway to create specific degree programs that will provide greater opportunities for students who attend LCU and TTU to broaden their horizons and college experience as well as their career opportunities.

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