New owners of youth residential treatment facility in Levelland hopeful after first year

Published: Dec. 21, 2021 at 5:36 PM CST
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LEVELLAND, Texas (KCBD) - Micha and Brooke Foster are marking a year of operating Fostering Life Youth Ranch in Levelland, a fresh start for the residential treatment facility for children.

“We feel that this is still the direction we’re supposed to be going in,” Micha said. “[We] do need prayer. We’ll take that all day long. But, we feel like this is the direction we’re still supposed to be going in.”

The couple moved to the Lubbock area after their passion for mentoring children in New Mexico grew. They found the Levelland facility and purchased it in December of 2020.

“A lot of people think that it’s the previous place and we’re not,” Micha said. “We’re completely different people.”

Fostering Life Youth Ranch currently cares for nine girls but can accommodate as many as 15.

“They are usually from CPS,” Brooke said. “They are taken from their home. A lot of times they are reunified with their family but a lot of times they are adopted. They can’t successfully be in a home. They have too many behavioral issues, so to say, so they have to come here, work the treatment plan, lower their level and they look for adoption or reunification with their family.”

FLYR seeks to incorporate more into the treatment plan like Equine Gestalt Coaching, horticulture, and other recreational activities and therapies. Some of those activities are underway but others, they hope to expand with a renovated facility on three acres they purchased with existing buildings in Levelland. The plan is to build more dorms, a chapel, chow hall, equine facilities, greenhouses, and more.

“That is our future,” Micha said. “That is our goal.”

In the meantime, FLYR hopes the community with rally behind them and the children they care for.

“We do love them and try to give them the home that they don’t have or make it as homey as we can,” Brooke said. “We want the community to get behind them. We don’t want to keep them a secret. We’re looking at mentoring in the future, bringing people in that can get behind them, and just support them continually throughout their life.”

To find FLYR on Facebook and their contact information, click here.

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