Snyder high school senior advances to state filmmaking competition

L-R Clark Reed, Isabel Rocha, Collin Mitten, Baylee Green
L-R Clark Reed, Isabel Rocha, Collin Mitten, Baylee Green(Courtesy)
Published: Feb. 15, 2022 at 5:42 PM CST
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Colin Mitten has many credits and accolades to his name, including Senior Class President, athletic trainer, award-winning actor, and most recently, film director to his resume.

What started as a passive interest in filmmaking over a year ago has developed into a career path for the High School senior. Mitten gained a lot of interest in filmmaking and produced narrative films and documentaries. His Theatre Arts Teacher, Clark Reed, encouraged him, and his work brought him to the film set of SHS Alumni and current ACU film student Brody Jasso. They showed Mitten how to organize and create a professional-level film set.

With his newfound skills, Mitten developed an idea, wrote a screenplay, solicited feedback, and adjusted for his debut film, Delusions. He also found actors, directed, and edited the film. Over 80 people were involved in the project, including Patrick Malone, SHS alumni, and a current Hollywood actor who had a central role in the film.

Students, teachers, and community members volunteered time, money, and effort to bring his vision to life.

Everyone involved was excited upon hearing the announcement that the film had advanced to the University Interscholastic League or UIL State Finals.

“While shooting the film, we often stayed up until 3 or 4 am. It was exhausting, but advancing to state makes it worthwhile,” said Baylee Green, Second Assistant Director/Producer, and SHS Senior. “Seeing filmmaking first hand sparked my interest in film production, especially broadcasting.”

“I feel like all of our work has paid off,” said Isabel Rocha, First Assistant Director/Producer, and SHS Junior. “I’m so proud of Collin; he has worked so hard for this.”

Delusions will advance to the State Finals in Austin for the world premiere on Wednesday, February 23. Snyder High School will announce viewing details for everyone in the community after the contest.

“The generosity and support of our community, family, and friends that believed in me, a high school student, to make this film - it’s hard to put into words how much this means to me,” said Mitten. “Don’t let people discourage you. Your dream can never be too big.”

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