Littlefield voters considering $41.5 million bond for new high school, renovations

Published: Apr. 25, 2022 at 10:37 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - With early voting underway, voters in Littlefield Independent School District are considering a $41.5 million bond. The proposal includes a brand new high school and a learning center for students who want to enter a trade. The district hasn’t passed a bond in more than 50 years. Superintendent Mike Read says he knows it’s a tough time for many when it comes to money right now, but the district’s facilities need an upgrade.

“Our buildings are old, our elementary and junior high buildings are 70 plus years old, high school is 58 years old,” he said.

The proposal includes building a new high school where the softball field currently is, and moving that field near the baseball field. The district would also renovate the existing high school to make it the new junior high. Read says Littlefield ISD hired a firm to figure out which buildings had the greatest needs for repairs.

“Parkhill, architectural firm out of Lubbock, came and did a facility needs assessment. And from that point on, we started kind of pinpointing what our needs were for the next 20 to 30 to 50 years. They came up with the high school and the junior high were basically the two campuses that needed the most attention.”

The bond would include building a new state-of-the-art career and technical education center, where students can learn trades and get certified in them.

“That’s one thing that we want to try to get our kids involved as far as like a vocational track, where they learn a trade, they bring this trade back to Littlefield, start a family and their kids go through our system and that’s a win-win for everybody involved,” Read said.

In the primary and elementary schools, the libraries would be renovated to include maker-spaces, where students can do hands-on learning.

“The elementary, the way that it is right now, that may be a phase 2 or phase 3 down the road. We’re not just going to leave it to the side, but we only have ‘x’ number of dollars, $41.5 million, and we’re trying to address what we need to do at the present time,” he said.

If voters pass the proposal, the tax rate would go up $0.50, to about $1.42 per $100 valuation.

“You know, our taxable value, we have a 313 Agreement with Continental Dairy, it’s a milk plant, and our values are basically, they’re pretty high at the present time. And this is an opportunity for us to go out and get that money while we have that taxable value,” Read said.

Read says for a $100,000 home, that means taxes would go up $375 a year. He says the rate would still be lower than a few schools the district looked at.

“Yes, it’s a big jump, but it’s also a great investment for our kids and this community for the next 50 years so, I encourage people to come out and vote.”

You can use this QR code to insert your information and see how the bond would impact your taxes.

Bond Tax Impact Calculator
Bond Tax Impact Calculator(KCBD)

If approved, the goal is for the new high school to be ready for the fall 2024 school year, but Read says that could be pushed back a year depending on if the district can get the building supplies it needs. Littlefield ISD is hosting it’s second community meeting to answer any questions this Thursday night at 6 at the junior high.

“We’ve been transparent from day one and look it over, and you make your decision, and whatever that decision is so be it, we respect it. If you’re for it or against it, we’re all Littlefield Wildcats,” Read said.

Littlefield ISD Voter Information
Littlefield ISD Voter Information(KCBD)
Littlefield ISD Voting Information
Littlefield ISD Voting Information(KCBD)

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