Downtown Parking Master Plan calls for better management, utilization of ‘sufficient’ spots

Published: Apr. 26, 2022 at 9:31 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - The Lubbock City Council on Tuesday unanimously approved the Downtown Parking Master Plan, which found the public perception of a lack of parking in downtown Lubbock is not accurate.

“At no time did our parking demand exceed our parking supply,” Business Development Director Brianna Gerardi told the Council.

Gerardi was discussing an occupancy observation conducted in the comprehensive study funded by the Central Business District TIF Board and completed by WGI, Inc. The observation was carried out during various events, such as a work day, a First Friday Art Trail, Texas Tech Football game and evening in which there were events at Buddy Holly Hall, Civic Center and LHUCA.

“There are over 875 on-street spaces in the downtown area and 14,000 off-street spaces, not all public,” Ben Sands of WGI, Inc. told the Council. “It is important to note that you have a pretty significant supply of parking in downtown Lubbock.”

The Parking Master Plan outlines ten recommendations for the City of Lubbock, including the recommendation of a shared parking plan to utilize those private spaces. See the ten recommendations below.

  • Consolidation of Parking Management
  • Improve Wayfinding and Branding
  • Shared Parking
  • Enhanced Pedestrian Realm
  • Curb Management
  • Parking Policies
  • Enforcement Strategy
  • Task Force
  • Event Planning Parking
  • Right Size Parking

Wayfinding and branding was deemed one of the top objectives to address the perception challenges, which could include the utilization of a website or mobile app.

“I think wayfinding and branding will be a key component of better explaining to the public in a very visual way,” Gerardi said. “This is where you can park. This is where you can’t. This is how long you can stay, some things like that, that has kind of a cohesive look and feel so people know to look for those signs and signals and see where parking is available.”

Upon approval of the Downtown Parking Master Plan, the council also took authority of appointing the task force, which is set to be done by May 10. It’s expected to include stakeholders who participated in community input sessions and discussions included in the study.

“Your task force needs to be the people who are closest to the problem and not the people who we hear from the most often,” Councilwoman Latrelle Joy said. “That’s my recommendation.”

Councilwoman Joy also stressed that while the council may approve this Downtown Parking Master Plan, it is not bound to carrying out its ideas, which would require funding. Pricing was not included in the projects or recommendations.

The council is now asked to give direction to the CBD TIF Board on implementation, which is outlined over a five-year period in the plan.

You can view the Downtown Parking Master Plan by clicking here.

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