CAUGHT ON CAM: Driver gets gun pulled on him in road rage incident

A road rage incident caught on camera, when a man pulls a gun on a driver who cut him off. (SOURCE: KPHO, KTVK)
Published: May. 12, 2022 at 12:52 PM CDT
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AVONDALE, Ariz. (KTVK/KPHO/Gray News) -- A man in Arizona has been accused of pointing a gun at another driver after the driver cut him off in a road rage incident that was caught on camera.

Officers with the Avondale Police Department took Bryan Duran into custody for the alleged incident Wednesday, AZFamily reported.

The road rage incident was caught on Francisco Garcia’s dash camera last Saturday just after 5 p.m. Garcia said he was driving home from the movies when Duran’s black Dodge Durango drifted into his lane. Garcia then went around Duran’s car and cut him off.

“I was in the left lane, and he was just going to my lane drifting in and out. I don’t know if he was texting,” Garcia said.

Garcia explained he recently got his car back after a crash a few months ago and was trying to avoid getting hit again.

“I actually just went around in his lane and cut him off and went around again and took off because, by the time I cut him off, he was honking, so I know he was mad,” Garcia said, adding he sped up down the road to avoid a confrontation. “I know what I did was wrong; that was my fault for that, but that doesn’t justify me almost losing my life over a little cutoff.”

When Garcia pulled up to a red light, Duran got out of his car and went over towards Garcia’s car. This is when Garcia turned his dash camera toward his face to record what happened next.

The video shows Duran pointing a gun at Garcia and yelling at him through the window, police said. Duran then began punching the window and walked away from Garcia’s car, according to investigators.

Garcia said he then got out of his car to look at Duran’s license plate when Duran began fighting him, officers said. Duran then got in his car and left.

Officers did not say how they caught up with Duran. He faces several charges including aggravated assault. The investigation is ongoing.

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