20-year-old buys Holly Hop Ice Cream Shoppe

Seen 140% growth in sales since January
Published: May. 18, 2022 at 6:43 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - 20-year-old Wesley Trook, born and raised in Lubbock, is the new owner of Holly Hop Ice Cream Shoppe.

He started working at the shop in May of 2020, just before he graduated from Lubbock High School. He says he wanted a fun job to end high school and begin college with not knowing that two years later he would own the place.

He bought the ice cream shop in November because he felt like a younger owner would be beneficial for business.

“This is a great place that we want to keep going,” Trook said. “I would love to put like a modern spin on the way that it’s run while also keeping the classic vintage 50′s theme.”

He says Holly Hop will look and feel the same the only difference will be behind the scenes.

“How we’re going to do pay roll, how we’re going to organize our staff, how we’re going to train, things like that are more focused toward 21st century ways of doing things,” Trook said.

Convincing the original owners to sell it to him took some time but at the end of the day what mattered most to them is that the place remained the same.

“That I wanted to keep the legacy going,” Trook said. “That is something that Darrell, who had started the company, was really big about.”

To prove that he was ready, he started out scooping ice cream, working hard every day, and even filled in for them when they were sick.

“Both of the previous owners got COVID at some point previous in the year and so it was just me at the shop,” Trook said.

Being able to handle the shop while they were out with COVID was one of the main convincing points for the previous owners to sell it to Trook.

The majority of the feedback Trook has received has been positive, but some are afraid what may happen to the shop.

“People that are a little uneasy that don’t want the shop to go down the drain,” Trook said. “I’ll say, I mean we’re up 140% growth.”

Trook says at this time he doesn’t have any plans to franchise Holly Hop. His main focus right now is to maintain the quality of their products while also being able to see as many customers as possible.

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