Warmer weather brings more motorcycles on the road; Riders are asking everyone to be cautious

Published: May. 19, 2022 at 6:37 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - In 2021, there were five fatalities from motorcycle crashes in the city limits. So far in 2022, there has been one.

As summer sets in, more riders will be out on the road and they are asking everyone to double check before they move.

“Take one more second, take a double look, or you know take a couple of seconds to stop at that stop sign and just let us pass, will be greatly appreciated,” Anthony DeLeon, sales representative at Red Dirt Motorcycle Company, said.

DeLeon has been in two motorcycle wrecks and both times was because someone pulled out in front of him. He wishes everyone knew that motorcycles can crash easy.

“It just doesn’t stop like everybody thinks it does and it can come out from underneath you pretty easily,” DeLeon said.

Lieutenant Brady Cross says motorcycles can be beside you in seconds.

“If you see it in your rear view mirror, side mirrors, just know that while you see them at that moment, they may not be there the next instance,” Lieutenant Cross said.

He says motorcycles can be hard to see so riders also need to be careful.

“Just remember that you are harder to see,” Lieutenant Cross said. “There’s only one headlight, take up a lot less space. So, not only do you have to watch out for what you’re doing but also watch out for other drivers,” Lieutenant Cross said.

DeLeon says that debris, curbs, and anything that may be in the road can be a hazard to motorcyclist. He says to remember that it can cause severe injuries if you crash.

“Your body is real fragile. You got everything around you that could hurt you,” DeLeon said. “I know the ground looks smooth, but it can tear you up pretty good.”

Lieutenant Cross wants to remind everyone under the age of 21 that it is required by law to wear a helmet. If you are above 21, you can be exempt from wearing a helmet by taking a safety course. Cross recommends everyone to wear a helmet to stay as safe as possible.

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