Producers saying this cotton season is concerning because of drought

Says the rain we got this week, wasn’t enough
Published: May. 26, 2022 at 4:53 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - With the lack of rain this year, cotton producers are concerned if they should plant.

Lubbock cotton producer Rex Kennedy says the rain we got earlier this week was not enough.

“This last rain event was you know, a pretty good rain but we are so far behind right now,” Kennedy said.

Kennedy says we got enough rain to get an irrigated crop started but the dry land fiber potential is still a question. He’s grateful for the rain but with the planting deadline approaching he says the rain made things more complicated.

“This rain has actually made decision-making quite a bit harder,” Kennedy said.

Kennedy already started dry planting and now he has to figure out what he will do with those plants, and get seed in the ground by the insurance plant deadline, June 5. He is afraid that even if we do get more rain, it will stop again.

“It’s very concerning about even if we do get a crop and it quits raining, then what do we do,” Kennedy said.

He says more rain is needed, but not all at once. It needs to be a steady, constant rain.

“Once you get cotton up, you can’t have a week-long event or all the cotton will get sick and die,” Kennedy said.

For him to feel comfortable, he wants it to rain once a week but that can be very unlikely.

“If we don’t have timely rains all through the summer, it almost feels like it could be a trap,” Kennedy said.

Many producers were hopeful for this cotton season because right now, Kennedy says it’s at $1.40 a pound, which is up from 65 cents a pound two years ago. This could mean larger profits for farmers, but the drought could stand in their way.

“You gotta be able to produce it to be able to, to be able to get it,” Kennedy said.

He says, the rain we received earlier this week would have been a lot more beneficial in early May because now he is having to work quicker and harder.

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