Six killed this year in pedestrian involved crashes

Published: Jun. 2, 2022 at 5:54 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Last year, 12 people were killed from being hit with a vehicle. This year there has already been six deaths.

A major crash investigator, lieutenant Eric Quijada, says to always be aware of your surroundings.

“Even in Kindergarten and throughout grade school you’re taught look both ways before you cross the street, go to a cross walk, you know just the basics and it would save a lot of lives,” Quijada said.

He says in most cases, pedestrians are not on crosswalks. Instead, they walk out into traffic.

“A lot of times the drivers aren’t at fault or what we consider contributed the most in the accident,” Quijada said. “Usually, they’re going the speed limit, not intoxicated, not distracted and pedestrians step out in front of them.”

If a pedestrian walks jaywalks, or doesn’t use a crosswalk, they could be ticketed. Quijada says the driver only faces charges in certain situations.

“The only time they will face consequences is when through the investigation we determine there was a distraction, such as cellphone use, intoxication, or high rates of speed,” Quijada said.

If the driver is at fault, they can be charged with assault or manslaughter depending if it resulted in a death.

Quijada says jaywalking is common, even when officers are working on scene. He says when working on the crash near 50th street and Ave. S, jaywalkers were everywhere.

“We could look up and down, east and west, on 50th street and see I would say up to a dozen people darting across the street, while we were working that accident,” Quijada said.

He says always remind your kids, even when they are teenagers, to take an extra second to look again.

“Just remind them every day that you have to watch out for yourself,” Quijada said. “Keep your head on a swivel, even when you think it’s clear, look one more time.”

Lieutenant Quijada says if you’re driving and see a pedestrian that looks like they are about to cross the street, slow down as much as possible or move to the lane furthest from the person.

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