‘Their job was to bring comfort and love’: LISD therapy dogs impact the Uvalde community

Published: Jun. 9, 2022 at 5:25 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - A dog is sometimes referred to as a man’s best friend, last week Lubbock ISD therapy dogs were more than that. They were a sense of comfort for the people of Uvalde.

Coordinator, Lizabeth Burns, says the “Muttley Crew” traveled to Uvalde hoping the team could help in some way.

“Their job really was just to bring comfort and love and just kind of put smiles back on people’s faces,” Burns said.

The crew was mainly at the EMS station comforting those who were on scene helping. Team member, Sarah Boyd, says therapy dog, Ellie, brought a smile back to one first responder’s face from the moment they met.

“She walked in the other door and saw Ellie and like immediately collapsed on the floor,” Boyd said. “Ellie was in her lap just sprawled out.”

This wasn’t the only time the dogs impacted someone like this. Team member, Lisa Brown, says one dog did the same for a florist. The florist came to Uvalde all the way from El Paso to help. She was preparing for four children funerals that day and was feeling down and Buddy helped with that.

“It gave her that moment to take her mind off of the four funerals and get a little love in return,” Brown said.

Brown says this was important because everyone was affected.

“It’s more than just the first responders, it’s more than just the people that were at the school,” Brown said. “This, it’s a ripple effect, you know? It effects people.”

Burns says a dog can do a lot for someone in a crisis.

“It just lightens the mood and lifts the spirit,” Burn said. “It’s amazing what a dog can do.”

She says petting a dog and receiving that unconditional love is unlike anything else. Burns says they did this because all educators are family.

“It’s just how we stay connected as a community,” Burns said. “God forbid anything ever happens here, but we have that community built up and we’re able to take care of each other, and that’s what it’s all about.”

All of them say the community of Uvalde is strong. They all have stood together to make it through this tough time. They even say that people of Uvalde were checking on them while they were there.

The “Muttley Crew” plans to head back to Uvalde at least one more time on the June 20.

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