Slight temperature drop, but still hot all week

Published: Jun. 13, 2022 at 4:13 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - It’s been up to 101 so far this afternoon in Lubbock, a step down from the record-setting 107 yesterday. It’s also been unusually windy for a day this hot, leading to widespread blowing dust. The wind will stay up this evening into tonight, meaning another relatively warm morning, only dropping to the mid 70s.

Tomorrow will be similar to today, with the temperature just a couple degrees lower and the wind speed a few mph weaker. In other words, not much difference.

KCBD FirstAlert Forecast for Tuesday, June 14.
KCBD FirstAlert Forecast for Tuesday, June 14.(KCBD)

It’ll be a hot day with plenty of sun, likely some dust as well. The southerly wind will be stronger in the morning than the afternoon. High in Lubbock near 99. There is some moisture building in across the Southwestern United States. The heat and humidity may be enough for a few isolated thunderstorms over the western South Plains Tuesday afternoon. But it’s not good news. These will be based so high they won’t produce much rain, but will enhance the wind.

It’s nearly a repeat Wednesday, high near 98, wind gusty. And a few isolated high-based thunderstorms are possible.

The high temperature will drop back to a range of 93-96 Thursday through Sunday. Still hot and above the seasonal average, but not the extreme heat as of late. There also may be a few isolated thunderstorms across the area by the weekend, but the chance of getting rain at any location in our area remains low.

Upper-level high pressure should remain over some part of the South Central United States into next week. Typical for Texas summers, we don’t expect any significant change looking out next 10 days. While we don’t see more 107-degree afternoons during that stretch, it’ll still be hot.

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