Lubbock citizens picked to advise City Council on second attempt at possible street bond proposal

Published: Jun. 14, 2022 at 8:54 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - The Lubbock City Council has established its Citizens Advisory Committee to make recommendations to address street improvement and construction needs, including if that should be paid for through a street bond election in November, which would be a year after voters rejected the last proposal.

“You’re looking for a Citizens Advisory Committee that can move quickly, that can evaluate what the needs are, evaluate what was done, what other things may have come up, certainly to evaluate new prices,” City Manager Jarrett Atkinson told the council. “You want them to come back and give you a complete recommendation.”

In its first regular meeting in May, the newly seated Lubbock City Council agreed to move forward with a Citizens Advisory Committee to study that previous proposal and decide what specific projects should be revisited or addressed and how that construction should be funded.

Councilmembers amended the original proposal of a seven-member committee and instead each named two people from their district, with the exception of District 3 Councilman Mark McBrayer, who will select a second member as soon as possible. Mayor Tray Payne named the chair of the 13-member committee.

District 1: Clyde James, Rudy Leal

District 2: Adam Hernandez, Marcel Ford

District 3: Dave Bruegel

District 4: Marcia Reed, Ron Bartley

District 5: Ken Corbin, John Rance

District 6: Jordan Lewis, Dean Raymond

Mayor Payne appointed Heather Keister as the chairperson.

“Thank you to all those that are going to be involved,” Mayor Payne said. “I know it’s arduous in the summer to get people together, sometimes like herding cats. But, we look forward to hearing what this [committee] says and brings back to us as a council.”

The Citizens Advisory Committee has a deadline of July 26 to make its recommendation to the council. If a street bond proposal will be on the November ballot, the election must be ordered by August 22.

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