Shoppers seek Helping Hands in Spur for ‘Clothes N Stuff’

Published: Jul. 26, 2022 at 3:19 PM CDT
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SPUR, Texas (KCBD) - Helping Hands is a unique shopping experience in Spur. It’s a place offering assistance to people in need and a meeting spot for people shopping with friends.

Laurie Robinson first opened the business in a small building downtown eight years ago.

“I texted all of my family members and I said this is what I’m doing, can y’all send me everything that you don’t need and no longer fits,” Robinson said.

Her goal was to provide anyone in the area a place to shop for things at a reasonable price. She soon grew out of that small building thanks to community donations.

“You wouldn’t believe how generous they are,” Robinson said.

It’s now open at 302 Hill Street (Highway 70) on Wednesday and Friday from noon to 5 p.m. For some shoppers, it’s become a destination.

“They meet here,” Robinson said. “They have fun here. They get what they need or what they want.”

When the store isn’t open, the items are exclusively for those in need and they’re all free.

“If we have people who have fires, who just received children that they weren’t expecting, CPS usually brings them with the clothes on their back,” Robinson said.

Christy Marshall joined Robinson a few years ago to help run the store. She told KCBD she used to be a single mother and knows what a vital resource this shop can be.

“The women who come in, who have left an abusive relationship, we give them a bag,” Marshall said. “We go about our business and they have the run of the store. If we weren’t here, you know, what would they do?”

The two employees don’t get paid for running Helping Hands. They say the payment comes in the form of believing in the mission.

“It makes you feel good every single day to know that you’re helping people,” Robinson said. “We all need help. We’ve all had times in our life that we needed help.”

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