Spur senior citizen may have discovered secret to staying young

Published: Jul. 26, 2022 at 10:58 PM CDT
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SPUR, Texas (KCBD) - Jean Hoover is well into her 80s and we think she may have discovered the secret to staying young... but it may not be what you think.

It is good for the brain to say social as we age. Jean goes to the Senior Cener all the time, but that’s not what keeps her young. She works at the Senior Center in the office, on a compuer, as a bookkeeper. But that isn’t what keeps her young either.

Jean, who will be 87 in October, said, “I’ve been playing for so many years and I love it. and I love to be outside. And it’s good exercise. And it helps you with your balance.”

That’s the secret. She meets with a group of ladies as often as they can to play golf together. And they’re not just including her to be nice.

“I love to play with Jean. She’s my instructor, my mentor,” said Penny Martin.

The motivating factor in getting these women on the links is Jean.

“There are days when I think it’s too hot to play but then I think gosh if jean hoover can play, I can get myself out there too,” said Kathy.

Each will tell you they’ve learned a lot from Jean. Some more than others.

“I’m a rock hunter. I picked up a rock. Jean tells me to stop rock hunting and pay attention to your golf,” said Inita Cannon.

The Spur Golf Course includes nine holes in the rugged country of the Salt Fork of the Brazos. Since 1937, golfers like Jean and her friends have been walking or rolling across these hills.

The is a new reason to stop at hole number six.

“This is a memorial for my husband. He did quite a bit of work on the golf course,” said Jean.

She and her husband played golf together for many decades. No water hazards, no bunkers, no pressure, just like it is now. A place to get some exercise and have fun with friends.

“We play best ball on Tuesdays and a lot of times, we start at 5:30. it’s dark when we get through,” said Kathy.

And when the best ball gets close to the green, they call Jean.

“She’s the queen of chipping and putting. We can get it to the green and she does the rest,” said Janie Day.

And aside from the exercise and comaraderie, if laughter is good medicine, well, they get a good dose of that too.

As they gather at the clubhouse to wrap up another day, in Spur, they all know how Jean Hoover stays so young - golf is her ace in the hole.

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