Some Lubbock women feeling more confident after Women’s Self Defense Class

Published: Jul. 31, 2022 at 8:45 AM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Some Lubbock women gathered at Patterson Branch Library to learn skills that could save their lives.

“Becoming mentally equipped with, ‘hey, how would I get out of a scenario,’ or ‘how do I get out of a situation,’ I mean, to me that’s paramount,” the instructor, Krysti Wuensche said.

Wuensche is a police officer, black belt and instructor of her own class, 10-10 Self Defense. She’s spent 12 years teaching women tips to avoid dangerous situations and how to protect themselves if they end up in one.

“I believe I have a calling for this; it’s the innate love an passion to instill this type of confidence in other women,” Wuensche said.

She helps these women face and overcome their fears.

“Just coming to classes like this makes you more aware of possibilities that you have against someone else, it doesn’t matter what size they are,” Wuensche said.

Wuensche teaches her students how to fight without weapons, using elbows, knees and feet. She also teaches the weak spots on a person that you can target to fight back.

“Once you learn it you realize it’s not actually too technical, that these are techniques that they can pick up and then I love watching them walk out with this enthusiasm, with this motivation, with this energy and there’s less fear and more confidence,” Wuensche said.

She says it’s not all physical, though, it’s also about not giving up the fight and knowing what to do in the moment.

“Being smart, being wise, how to protect your name, how to protect yourself within your car, getting out of your car, a lot of it is mental. So, I teach that,” Wuensche said.

Wuensche says it all started because she wanted to feel safe walking across a parking lot, so she learned from officers. Now, this is knowledge she wants to pass on to women of all ages.

For information on Wuensche’s 10-10 Defense class, click here.

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