Wolfforth coffee shop offering free emergency contraceptives

Tumbleweed and Sage serving as pickup spot for Jane’s Due Process
Published: Aug. 8, 2022 at 5:35 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Tumbleweed and Sage, a coffee shop located in Wolfforth, has partnered with a nonprofit called Jane’s Due Process.

This nonprofit focuses on educating young Texans on abortion and birth control laws and provides emergency contraceptives at no cost.

Tumbleweed and Sage owner Destiny Adams says, “It is a resource for women that either are pregnant or are needing Plan B and can’t afford it, any type of contraceptive, they educate young women on the choices they have and different types of contraceptives.”

The owners of Tumbleweed and Sage started volunteering with Jane’s Due Process two weeks ago. Since then, the shop has provided more than 50 emergency contraceptive kits. They include emergency contraceptives, condoms, pregnancy tests, and educational cards. Adams says this is a resource that is important for young women new to the South Plains, especially incoming college students.

“There will be a whole new set of women coming into Lubbock and they already think ugh Lubbock is not very progressive, I’m not gonna have any resources, I’m not going to have any type of support if anything happens to me or if I need something. I am going to have to beg for money from my parents and this way kinda eases that. Especially since we are so close to the high school, we are so close to the Tech campus. Women need to know that they have someone here for them,” Adams says.

Shortly after the shop began distributing the kits, Wolfforth residents started calling the police. In a social media post, the department indicates it is looking into the legality of this practice. Wolfforth Police declined to speak with us about it.

Wolfforth Police Department Statement
Wolfforth Police Department Statement(KCBD)

“They are just doing their job,” Adams says. “When they get calls saying there is someone handing out drugs in the community, they are obviously going to take that serious like, but then they found out what it was and they said you are not doing anything wrong, keep doing what you are doing.”

Adam’s says they will continue to receive and request kits from Jane’s Due Process, she says they plan to provide them to the community as a service.

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