Sampson Oguntope sentenced to life without parole for capital murder of 89-year-old Slaton woman

Published: Aug. 12, 2022 at 11:42 AM CDT|Updated: Aug. 12, 2022 at 12:46 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - After a decade of being deemed unfit to stand trial, Sampson Oguntope has pleaded guilty to the 2012 murder of 89-year-old Faye Gray.

He was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole on Friday.

Slaton police found Gray dead on Feb 21, 2012, according to reports. Both Gray and her caretaker, Megan Moore, had been shot.

Gray died from her injuries, but Moore was able to escape and call the Slaton police. The women had been shot in the 1400 block of West Crosby.

Oguntope was arrested later that afternoon after investigators found blood and other evidence in his home, according to police.

A grand jury indicted Oguntope on two Capital murder charges later that year. The jury also found that Oguntope sexually assaulted the 89-year-old before killing her.

In 2013, Oguntope was deemed unfit to stand trial by Judge Trey McClendon due to mental illness. However, the judge reversed that decision on Aug 4, allowing Oguntope to be charged.

Moore’s parents have issued statements directed at Oguntope. The statements are transcribed below the images of each letter.

Megan Moore's mother's victim statement
Megan Moore's mother's victim statement(The Family of Megan Moore)
Megan Moore's mother's victim statement 2
Megan Moore's mother's victim statement 2(The Family of Megan Moore)

Sampson Blake Oguntope

February 21, 2012 will you remember that day?

I am Megan’s mother and I remember that day every day. You raped and murdered Faye Gray leaving her family with an unbearable loss.

You raped, beat and shot my daughter leaving her for dead. Megan has scars physically and mentally to remind her of that day. She had to fight to live and she did. She had to overcome 3 brain surgeries, learn to feed herself and to walk again but she did. It took her 4 long years to overcome what you did to her physically. She still has bullet fragments in her head, she still gets headaches and has hearing loss and you caused that. You have caused my family so much pain and financial hardship that we did not ask for. You have caused my family to have hate, anger and fear in our hearts. The insecurities we feel and not trusting.

You took a life and tried to take another and not once have you ever been remorseful.

You will never have your own family, go on a picnic, go to the movies, have family at Thanksgiving or watch the kid’s faces at Christmas.

So remember February 21, 2012 because Sampson Oguntope you caused that!

Jo Ray


Megan Moore's father's victim statement
Megan Moore's father's victim statement(The Family of Megan Moore)


Sampson where do I truly start with this letter that I am writing? First of all the hurt and pain you have caused will never be forgotten! You see I am Megan’s dad and as a dad you always want to protect your children. You have caused me a lot of pain knowing that I failed at that key role as a dad. You have caused not only my family pain but yours as well. Your actions on that day has created your dad and mom to never be able to enjoy the simple task of hugging your neck ever again, but for me I can! Sampson you tried your very best to take that away from me and you failed! You have caused us to question so many things in this life and you failed at that as well. As a Christian I pray for your family that they can find peace with your decision and actions you have done. We have waited for 10 years for this day of justice while you played the system to save your life. Sampson you will never know the beauty of becoming a dad, a husband, and watching a life come into this world, but you see Sampson I get to watch my Megan move forward today and put this horrible crime you did behind her, and start the healing process. So truly at the end of the day she won Sampson. Good overcame evil. May God have mercy on your soul and forgive you for the horrible deeds you have done.


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