Time to fall back: Daylight saving time ends Sunday

Published: Nov. 4, 2022 at 4:34 AM CDT
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(Gray News) - Lighter mornings and darker evenings are on the way as daylight saving time comes to an end this weekend.

At 2 a.m. Sunday, U.S. clocks will turn back one hour and revert to standard time, shifting sunrise and sunset an hour earlier, and ushering in four-plus months of darker winter evenings.

It comes as lawmakers debate whether the long-standing tradition should be eliminated.

The Senate approved the bipartisan Sunshine Protection Act in March, which would make daylight saving time permanent, but the bill has stalled in the House.

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine said the Senate bill is a bad idea, favoring instead a permanent switch to standard time.

The group said it agrees that the biannual time change needs to end, “but it is also essential to recognize that permanent daylight saving time will have serious unintended consequences, as it did when it was enacted in 1973 and repealed less than a year later.”

The professional society of sleep experts said in its 2020 position statement that “standard time aligns best with human circadian biology and provides distinct benefits for public health and safety,” while the switch in spring to daylight saving time has been noted for its terrible effect on public health, including a increased risk of heart attack and stroke.