Long-time Lubbock foster family finalizes their first adoption

Published: Nov. 18, 2022 at 4:58 PM CST
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Some Lubbock families had the day they’ve been waiting for on Friday. National Adoption Day brought nine foster children and their families together to celebrate the finalization of their adoption journeys.

One of those families has been waiting four years to adopt one of their foster children.

Joaquin Casados says, “We first got Mason when he was three days old, straight out of the hospital and when we saw him I instantly knew he was going to be ours.”

Joaquin and Isaiah Casados tell us they have always wanted to be parents.

“I’ve always wanted kids and we looked at different options, surrogacy... It costs us a pretty penny,” said Joaquin.

After going through a number of options to have kids of their own, they opened their home to foster children.

“We have been fostering for four years and throughout those four years we have welcomed over 16 kids into our home,” Joaquin said.

Now, after four long years of getting their hopes up, Isaiah says they never thought this day would come.

Isaiah Casados says, “This is a moment I never thought was going to happen for us. So, it means a lot and we are honored to be here and officially be dads.”

Although today is a huge milestone for the Casados family, the couple tells us they aren’t done fighting for their foster children.

“This is a long process, our oldest we have had since he was three he is about to be eight and we still haven’t been able to adopt. So, it is a process, it is not always easy but we are fighting, and we haven’t given up. We are in it and we are going to fight for our son,” Isaiah said.

Although Mason officially became a part of the Casados family on Friday, to his parents, he has been theirs for a long time.

“He has always been ours the way I see it, blood doesn’t make family, love does,” Joaquin said.