Lubbock’s CodeNinjas raising money for UMC Children’s Hospital

Published: Dec. 8, 2022 at 9:59 PM CST|Updated: Dec. 8, 2022 at 10:09 PM CST
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Some Lubbock kids are learning new skills as part of computer science education week.

They’re doing more than just mapping ones and zeros; these coding ninjas are raising money for UMC’s Extra Life campaign, a key initiative for the Children’s Miracle Network.

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The children’s education center CodeNinjas is helping make the real world better through the creation of virtual ones.

CodeNinjas owner Amy Slaughter says these ninja’s impact is breaking through the fourth wall by helping raise money for UMC Children’s Extra Life campaign.

“Using a medium that they love, which is video games,” Slaughter said. “And help some of our local kids at the hospital here have a little bit better life, and a little bit better resources was a great opportunity for us.”

The concept of kids helping kids is providing support for Extra Life for the second year.

Last year the money raised went towards a new pediatric ambulance at the hospital.

“I just think that really embodies what we envision for our center here,” Slaughter said. “Just being local and helping our kids help other kids.”

CodeNinjas’ Hackathon event, set for Dec. 10, is making that possible.

There is no entry fee, but participants are asked to raise at least $50 for the Extra Life fundraiser.

Brittany Campbell with UMC says those contributions go a long way in helping the hospital reach its goal of $15,000 raised.

“We made that goal last year, which was amazing, so this year I just challenged them to do it again,” Campbell said.

Campbell says all the funds raised this year will go to converting UMC’s east tower to a one stop treatment facility for women and children.

“Everything we need will be in one unit, one floor, easier for the families, and the children, so they’re not transported all over the place,” Campbell said.

And it’s not just the ninja’s helping raise these life-saving funds.

Following the Hackathon, CodeNinjas is hosting a parent’s night out. All proceeds from that event will also be donated to Extra Life.

Campbell says she hopes events like these, in cooperation with local businesses, will help raise awareness and make more miracles a reality.

“It’s really just about bringing awareness to Extra Life and Children’s Miracle Network,” Campbell said. “And what it does and how it impacts UMC Children’s Hospital.