Hub City Street Hoops building relationships between officers and kids

Officers and kids gathered for the First Responders Game on Saturday
Published: Mar. 11, 2023 at 6:09 PM CST
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Some Lubbock kids had a chance to get to know some Lubbock police officers after the First Responders basketball game, hosted by Hub City Street Hoops on Saturday.

These different teams are opponents on the court. Jessie Johnson was on the Hub City Street Hoops team and says they were beating the officers. Lubbock Police Chief Floyd Mitchell, says they definitely were, but the officers were still giving it their all.

“They have a little youth on their side, you know, our guys are a little older than them, but we’re having a good time and we’re giving them a run for their money,” Chief Mitchell said.

Although they were opponents in the game, the goal is for them to become teammates off the court.

“The whole goal with this is if they see each other outside of this and they see each other in the streets or in the community, they can build that communication and their relationship,” founder of Hub City Street Hoops, Leditt Butler, said. “Because we need to understand that we’re all one, we’re all human beings, we got to live in this world, and in order to make it better, we have to work together.”

The First Responders Game was a part of Hub City Street Hoops’ goal. The youth league is meant to allow kids to have fun playing the game and set up mentoring opportunities.

“It’s to keep kids busy and out of trouble with events like this,” Butler said.

Johnson, one of the kids, says for the officers to make time for them like this shows him a lot.

“Showing us that they’re here for us, that they’re willing to come out and play with us, showing that they care,” Johnson said.

Police Chief Mitchell says officers enjoy connecting with the kids and hope when they need someone, they’ll turn to their Lubbock Police Department.

“We want them to know we are a resource for them, and if they have something going on in their life, make that connection make that relationship,” Chief Mitchell said. “So, if they need someone to talk to, we’re here for them.”

The kids say they definitely know the officers a little bit more.

“We have fun with them, play with them, they’re cool with us, they joke around,” Johnson said.

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