Denise Romo carries on husband’s legacy with Haircuts & Hope

John Romo died from a blood infection in December at age 42
Published: Apr. 2, 2023 at 9:35 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - You may remember John Romo, the Lubbock man who gave free haircuts to anyone in need.

Romo died from a blood infection in December, but Sunday, his wife carried on his legacy and set up Haircuts and Hope once again.

Denise Romo told KCBD she would carry on John Romo’s legacy when we spoke to her back in December.

On Sunday, she carried on her husband’s legacy, with help from some friends. She says she wasn’t alone because everyone who stood by her husband’s side is now standing by hers.

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“I plan on making this a life-long goal. I don’t want to stop. It feels too good to stop,” John told KCBD in 2018.

Denise is keeping up what John started because she says this is what he’d want them to do.

“John was so passionate about giving back to the community for everybody’s, circumstance they’re in,” Denise said.

Haircuts & Hope started five years ago when John took some hair tools in a five-gallon bucket and set up shop in a park.

“Whether you’re homeless, or low income, whatever - if you need, we’re here to give,” Denise said.

Now in 2023, Denise is leading the way, providing haircuts, a meal and a new outfit - all for free.

“We just kind of ran into a bind and are looking for a new place and this is a great opportunity,” Amanda Wescoad, who was attending the event, said.

Wescoad was getting dolled up Sunday after seeing a flyer about the free haircuts. She and her family are currently living in the Salvation Army shelter.

“I don’t have money right now to get my kid’s haircut done,” Wescoad said.

To see her son with a new hairdo and some new shoes, puts a smile on her face.

“It’s great and he’s needed one,” Wescoad said.

Which is exactly what John always wanted.

“But if those few hours make these people’s day a little better or give them a memory to think about tomorrow, then it’s all worth it,” John told KCBD in 2018.

You can donate to help Denise keep Haircuts & Hope going to the GoFundMe, by Venmo at Denise-Romo-3, or by emailing her at