Lubbock officials recommend: Pack a go bag in case of severe weather

Tax-free weekend offering emergency supplies with no sales tax
Published: Apr. 22, 2023 at 6:58 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Now is the time to buy all the emergency supplies you need in case of severe weather. This weekend you can buy certain emergency preparation supplies tax-free.

Lubbock County Emergency Management Coordinator Clint Thetford recommends packing a go bag to prepare for severe weather.

“Basic things that you need to survive for at least three days worth,” Thetford said.

Thetford recommends packing food, water, a flashlight and any medication you may need for a few days. Also, he says always have a way to get information.

“We would recommend some type of battery powered or solar powered radio,” Thetford said.

Not only should you make sure you have a go bag in your home, Thetford said to put one in your car so you can evacuate quicky if needed.

“Also, a substitute kit in your vehicle, so if you were at work or something and had to leave the area you could,” Thetford said.

Most of us rely on our phones. Thetford said that can be a good way to get information, but you need another method to contact loved ones just in case. He said a general mobile radio service or GMRS is a good thing to have.

“If cellphones are down, you may need to go to amateur radio, you may need to go to GMRS,” Thetford said. “The county here has put up some GMRS repeaters for those people who choose to get that license and we allow any citizen in the area to use those repeaters at no cost.”

Prepare ahead of time, Thetford said. Tornadoes aren’t the only things that could push you out of your home. He said wind, lightning, large hail and things that aren’t predictable could force an evacuation.

“We’ve had some evacuations that have occurred here in the county and people were away from their home, not necessarily for severe weather but maybe a hazardous material leak or spill or something like that,” Thetford said.

You can buy some of the supplies, like flashlights, portable generators and batteries tax-free from now until midnight on Monday.