Lubbock Fire Rescue and the Police Department have a pregame ‘showdown’ before their big soccer game this Saturday.

“At the end of the day we fight like siblings, but don’t pick on my sibling, because fire is my family”
Published: Jun. 8, 2023 at 5:54 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - This Saturday, Lubbock Fire Rescue and Lubbock Police will face head to head during a soccer game hosted by the Lubbock matadors and benefitting the special Olympics of West Texas.

Today, they held a press conference to share their excitement about the big game.

“There’s always competition between fire and police but its that family competition” Lubbock Police department, Detective Derick Smith said.

The game gains a lot of anticipation from both sides, and they are excited for a little friendly competition.

During the conference, Derek Delgado with Lubbock fire said, “we plan to sound the siren every time we make a goal” and Derick Smith with LPD said, ‘its gonna be sad its gonna be sad they wont do that very often”.

But both departments look at the bigger picture of the game, going out into the community without the sirens.

“To get to see those kids and see them interact with us in a different light than they do normally” Smith said.

“We really get to come together as a family and do something fun while giving back to the community” Delgado said.

Though the rivalry between LFR and LPD does exist, they fight for the same community and will always have each others backs.

“At the end of the day we fight like siblings but don’t pick on my sibling, because fires my family” Smith said.

That doesn’t mean PD hasn’t been preparing all year to take the win back.

“Were prepared for them we’ve taken steps over the year to make sure were ready for fire this year” Smith said.

But fire, who took the win last year, didn’t agree.

“100% we will be winning this game just like we did last year, period” Delgado said.

They even made predictions on the outcome of the game, of course betting on themselves.

“Well give fire the chance to score a couple, so we’ll say fires gonna have 2 (goals) and LPD’s gonna come out with 7″ Smith said.

“I’m shooting 5-2, 5-2 with fire on top” Delgado said.

You can place your bets and see the outcome for yourself this Saturday at 4:30 at the Lubbock-Cooper Pirate Stadium.

The rivalry game will take place before the Matadors face off with the Central Texas Coyotes.

10% of money raised from ticket sales will go toward the Special Olympics.

If you want to buy tickets you can click here, and if you use the codes LBKPD for police or LBKFD for fire, on your purchase you can get $4 off your ticket.