‘Not yet:’ City of Lubbock warning of premature electric provider sales pitches

Published: Jun. 7, 2023 at 11:14 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Lubbock Power and Light is warning customers to be wary of anyone trying to sign them up for an electric plan right now.

Lubbock residents may be used to solar companies knocking on their door, but as soon as Lubbock opens up to electric competition, there will be even more door-to-door sales pitches.

Matt Rose with LP&L says those shouldn’t be happening yet, though.

“At this moment in time, there is not a single retail electric provider that is authorized or able to sign you up for service,” he said. “We are not there yet.”

Rose says while the vast majority of companies are being responsible, LP&L is already seeing some reports of brokerage firms going door-to-door and making false promises.

“Telling customers that they can give them discounts, that they can give them advanced rates, they can give them all sorts of products that they need to sign up today in order to achieve. And in doing so, not only are they misleading those customers, they’re violating city law,” Rose said.

Sales representatives must have an active peddler’s permit to make door-to-door pitches. As LP&L gets reports of these companies operating without one, it’s working with police to issue citations.

If someone comes to your door trying to sell you an electric plan, Rose says to ask them to leave. If they don’t - call the non-emergency line at the police department. He also says do not give them your electric bill.

“They do not need it right now, but every bit of information you give them exposes you and puts you at risk for any number of scams or compromising of your personal information,” Rose said.

Rose says companies are going through testing with the city and ERCOT right now to get authorized to sell door-to door. He expects that to come by the end of this month.

At that point, he says registered providers will be listed on LP&L’s website.

“When we get to the point in time where it’s time for you to shop, you’re going to know about it. Because there will be ample publicity of that, and ample resources at your disposal,” Rose said. “But in the meantime, please do not fall victim to these folks who are getting ahead of the game.”

LP&L needs one more federal approval to move the remainder of its customers to ERCOT and enter competition. Instead of the shopping window opening up this summer like expected, Rose says it will likely be pushed back a few months.