Witnesses recall dog attack that left one women seriously injured over the weekend

Published: Jul. 10, 2023 at 6:39 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - A Lubbock woman is back home tonight after a dog attack on 16th Street and Utica Avenue on Saturday morning. KCBD spoke to two people who witnessed the attack firsthand.

On July 8, a neighborhood that is usually quiet on Saturday mornings was abruptly disturbed.

“Me and Macy were both asleep actually so we heard the women screaming in the street, which caused us both to wake up,” Tucker Young, who witnessed the attack, said.

The scream was coming from Maria Montes, who was reportedly being mauled by two pit bull mixes that live down the street.

“I just saw them outside saying ‘get off, get off,’” Macy Dawson, another witness to the attack, said.

Dawson’s husband then sprang into action.

“The dogs were huge, and they were on top of the women, and so my husband ran as close as he could safely, but he grabbed the table that is in front of my mom’s door and chunked it at the dog,” said Dawson.

She stated the dogs then turned on her husband as he ran inside to get a gun. He fired a few shots near the dogs and they finally let Maria up.

“We were able to get her into a car, so that way in case the dogs did come back, she was just removed from the situation. She had a lot of blood on her but she was able to sit and kind of relax and not have to defend herself for a moment,” said Young.

Doctors at UMC treated Maria for serious injuries. Lubbock Animal Services confirmed one of the dogs involved in the attack was euthanized.

“They euthanized the bigger of the two dogs, but it would be preferred if both of the dogs were gone,” said Dawson.

With just a chain link fence between the remaining dog and a public park, people in the Rush neighborhood are left feeling uneasy.

“Especially just from visiting here, we have seen a whole bunch of people walk or run, or walking their dogs and that would be scary for anybody in that situation,” Young said.

Lubbock police are investigating the attack and Lubbock Animal Services confirmed there will be a Dangerous Dog Hearing for the second canine.