Legendary Texas Rangers celebrating 200 years

Published: Jul. 14, 2023 at 6:08 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - A lot of people think of iconic movie scenes when they hear about the Texas Rangers, but modern-day Rangers say the real job is not shown much on movies and TV.

“Walker was on back when I was fixing to start out and that was a draw, a lot of law enforcement shows, but there’s always been that prestige with the Rangers,” Texas Department of Public Safety Sergeant Johnny Bures said.

This year marks 200 years since the creation of the Texas Rangers. With no army in 1823, Stephen F. Austin called a group of citizens together to protect the Spanish province we now call Texas.

“We’re the tip of the spear, the Rangers are the pinnacle,” Sergeant Johnny Bures said.

This group was then and forever referred to as the Texas Rangers.

“Definitely a prestige and honor to represent the Texas Rangers and be a part of the history that proceeds us,” Company C Texas Ranger Lieutenant Scott Stevenson said.

But the role of a Texas Ranger has changed since the 1800s. They are no longer a small group protecting new land, now they assist local agencies in investigations anywhere from murders, missing persons, and public corruption.

“I think it gives a lot of agencies a piece of mind, just knowing that hey if they need us were just a phone call away,” Lt. Scott Stevenson said.

Two hundred years later, the Texas Rangers are holding onto the cherished legacy of their predecessors.

“That white shirt cowboy hat, when it walks into a scene everyone kinda notices when we arrive on scene and that’s special to me and very special to be a part of,” Lt. Stevenson said.

Being a member of the longest-running law enforcement agency with statewide jurisdiction also comes with many risks.

“We put our pants on like anybody else, but when you put that badge on and you represent the things that protect the state of Texas, there [are] certain people that would rather see bad things happen to you than [be] held accountable for justice,” Lt. Stevenson said.

Holding the title of a Texas ranger means holding the history of the past 200 years.

“I don’t think id do anything else I think im exactly where I want to be and proud to be here” Lieutenant Stevenson said.

Next week will kick off their official celebration you can find those events here. link - https://texasranger2023.org/coc/