Hale Center woman turns darkness into colorful aprons

Published: Jul. 20, 2023 at 12:07 AM CDT
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HALE CENTER, Texas (KCBD) - In 2004, Margaret Faith learned her eyesight was failing beaus of a disease called Macular Degeneration. She says, “I had over 49 shots in this eye. This eye I only had three before I lost it completely, but now, I don’t even see you.”

It was a hard time for Margaret because her house was filled with pretty things she had made: quilts, needlepoint, ceramic dolls and paintings on the wall. But gradually, she could see nothing.

It was a dark period for Margaret Faith.

“I had a two-week pity party. Nobody came but me,” she said.

That’s when Margaret decided to make herself un-miserable. She got up and felt her way across the walls until she reached her sewing room. Sewing was easy for her when she could see. But imagine the difficulty learning it again without seeing what you’re doing!

Margaret taught herself to sew without sight using wide yellow tape to mark boundaries on the machine that she could feel. She says it began slowly.

“I go out and get me some material in my sunroom and made me an apron, a half apron.”

Eventually, the half apron turned into a whole one, and that turned into many.

Watch this story from Hale Center about a remarkable woman who turned tragedy into a rich experience.

Margaret Faith learned how to see each day as a gift.