Patrons coming to Lubbock from all over country to see ‘Hamilton’ at Buddy Holly Hall

Published: Jul. 28, 2023 at 7:35 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Buddy Holly Hall has been quite busy over the last week. With 16 showings of the Broadway blockbuster “Hamilton,” officials with the performing arts center stated they have welcomed visitors from all over the United States.

“We have had people come in from all over the region; we were looking at all of the zip codes and talking to people that were in the lobby and they have come very far. Some as far as Florida, California, the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Oklahoma,” Holly Fields, the director of marketing at Buddy Holly Hall, said.

These travelers are making their way to Lubbock to see the Broadway sensation “Hamilton.”

“I am originally from New York City and grew up in a household that really prioritized Broadway and performing arts and stuff like that. I moved to Temple, Texas, which is about a five-hour and nine-minute drive to Lubbock,” said Chris Chirdo, one of the Buddy Holly Hall’s visitors.

Chirdo stated “Hamilton” is one of his favorite musicals, which is why he entered the ticket lottery to see it at Buddy Holly Hall.

“I won two front-row tickets, two seats for $10 each. I didn’t really know at that time how far Lubbock was, but I didn’t care, I would have walked there to see this show,” said Chirdo.

The trip to Lubbock did not disappoint. Chirdo stated of all of the theaters he has visited, Buddy Holly Hall is his new favorite.

“I was really impressed, not only by the staff that worked there, but the sound of the production. I had heard this from other people; I actually had tickets to see Dear Evan Hansen, but unfortunately I couldn’t make it, and the people that told me that went to see that show said that the sound was better than any other theater they had been to and I have to agree,” said Chirdo.

However, Chirdo is not the only one hearing good things about Buddy Holly Hall, which just might bring even bigger productions to Lubbock in the future.

“Word does travel fast in the Broadway community that Lubbock is a player, and next year our season is moving to weekends, which shows we are not a pass-through market now. So, it shows the power of a show like this and what it can do,” said Fields.

There are five more showings of “Hamilton” this weekend at Buddy Holly Hall. Tickets can be found here.