TXDOT crews working to clear debris and weeds after experiencing delays

Published: Aug. 2, 2023 at 8:19 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Many Lubbock citizens have been noticing debris and weeds along Lubbock roadways over the last few months. In a statement, TXDOT told KCBD they have been experiencing some issues with their contracted crews.

The statement provided by TXDOT is below.


Litter pickup is a contracted service and an ongoing challenge for our crews. Our contractor has anywhere from 3 to 5 litter crews out every day on weekdays in the Lubbock area, weather permitting. Roads included in the litter pickup contract are Marsha Sharp Freeway, I-27, US 87, Spur 327, and Loop 289. We have a couple of segments on I-27 and West Loop 289 that have been adopted by local businesses for litter cleanup through our partnership with Texas Sponsor A Highway.

TxDOT crews also sweep up debris along the walls of our freeways. They were on South Loop on Wednesday.

It is disappointing to see the amount of litter our crews (in-house and contracted) pick up along roadways in our area. We rely on citizens to dispose of their trash properly and trucks to secure their loads correctly. We ask them to make every effort to dispose of litter properly in a trash container or barrel and to be sure to close trash cans and bins and tie trash bags shut.


We had some issues with our urban mowing contract this year and have been unable to find a mowing contractor to come in and mow, so our crews stepped up and started in-house mowing efforts last week. This crew has been steadily mowing its way around our roads. On Wednesday, they continue mowing efforts on westbound south Loop 289, at the I-27 interchange, and will make their way to University Avenue.

We ask the public to be patient and to call our office if they come across an intersection where visibility is limited. Our urban mowing contract includes Loop 289, I-27, Marsha Sharp Freeway, Spur 327, US 87, US 84, and US 62/82 inside the Lubbock city limits; these roads are typically mowed three times per year.

State roadways outside of the city Lubbock city limits, in Lubbock County, are currently being mowed. Rural mowing is performed under a different contract.

East Loop 289 has been mowed. Since the East Loop is currently under construction—we’re placing a cable median barrier from the north I-27/Loop interchange to the south I-27/Loop 289 interchange—our project contract is responsible for mowing.