Lubbock ISD student facing criminal charges after having gun on school property

LISD encourages parents and students to report anything they believe may pose a danger to students and staff
Published: Aug. 24, 2023 at 7:16 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - 17-year-old, Angel Delacerda, is facing charges as an adult, accused of unlawfully carrying a weapon in a prohibited place.

Although there were no threats made, Lubbock ISD has a zero-tolerance policy for any type of weapon on school property. The district says safety is their number one priority.

“A student that saw or was concerned about what the individual was carrying reported it to a campus administrator who contacted Lubbock ISD police immediately,” LISD Director of School Safety and Security Stacy Carter said.

LISD officers quickly identified the student and located the weapon.

“It’s vital, time saves lives. Just report it if you have concerns, let us do the investigation, let us figure out what steps to take, but we have to work quickly to make sure our staff and students are safe at all times,” Stacy Carter said.

Carter said Lubbock ISD works tirelessly to create a safe and open relationship with students and the students hear everything.

“They see what’s going on, they hear the rumors, the conversations, and so they’re the ones that can clue us in to what’s happening at the campus,” Carter said.

The district offers many ways that students can submit any concerning information to administrators and remain completely anonymous.

“You can put pictures, videos, and you don’t ever have to tell us who you are; we don’t have a way to trace it back to you,” Carter said.

Any threat submitted to these sources or reported to an administrator is always taken seriously.

“That’s the thing we don’t know when something [is] reported, whether or not it’s real so we’re going to investigate it to figure out if it is or not and then communicate appropriately.”

LISD encourages anyone with information regarding the safety of staff and students to report it and allow administrators and officers to handle it in a timely manner to ensure safety.

“We are a community and the only way that we can prevent acts of violence is if we come together and protect each other.”

Delacerda was arrested following the incident but has since been released on bond.

If you need to report any concerning information to LISD administrators you can click here.